Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Evils of Cheap Food

Last night, a friend and long time colleague of mine put his two young twin girls to bed, alone for the first time. His vibrant young wife passed away yesterday from a short months long battle with cancer.  It is heartbreaking, but not uncommon in our world today.

Cheap Food, something sought after for decades, is killing us, one at a time.

I am not saying that cheap food is the cause of cancer alone... there are many contributing factors, but all the evidence clearly shows that cheap food is at root of many, if not most health issues. Food devoid of nutrients and filled with toxins.  Food with a long shelf life, cheap selling price, pretty packaging, easy transportability, and... death.

Food is life. What we eat determines our health. Food can be a source of healing or a source of damage. What determines this? largely... price. Cheap food is both devoid of nutrients and filled with toxins. Pesticides and herbicides are easily found in the urine of children and pregnant women who consume cheap food.  It is not found in the urine of those who consume expensive food.

The difference? Farming styles, processing and packaging.

Conventional farming has been driven for decades to produce food more cheaply. Demand for lower prices at the store drive the farmer to lower his standards and find ways to produce food at lower costs. Chemicals manufacturers filled the gap with innovative ideas on using chemicals to produce artificial growth, artificial food, at lower costs.

And the cancer rate in america climbs. Disease takes off and goes from rare to common in only a few decade.  The common denominator? cheap food.

This is all BEFORE gmos, we can not blame gmos on the current health issues where families are torn apart by death and suffering. Things will only get worse, much worse, as gmos infiltrate the food supply. But the battle is NOT with gmo's... if we banned all gmos across the nation, we would not get any less sick, no less death, because the death and sickness we have today is not from gmos, it is from plain conventional agriculture focused on price, efficiency, prettiness.. rather than nutrition and pureness.

Bottom line... cheap food is conventionally produced food, filled with poisons to artificially make it appear more attractive at lower prices. IT is a lie. Safe money on food, and pay with your life.

There is a direct relationship between the price of food and how much good or bad that food will bring you. The lower the price, the more damage it causes. The higher the price, the more health it brings. We can forget about gmo's.. labeling issues, etc. Its not about that.. it is about price. If the food is cheap, corners were cut, and nutrition, the hidden aspect of food, has suffered.

Little Sprouts Farm will not compromise, will not produce nor sell cheap food. We offer the highest possible nutrition, doing everything we can to increase the healing qualities of our food. We do not cut corners. As a result, our foods are perhaps the most expensive around... not because we are getting rich... but because we care about your health first. We are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Our philosophy is.. "all of the above".. meaning... we do everything we can to each type of food to increase health benefits. No longer do you have to choose between "cage free" , "pastured" , organic", "soy free" , "high omega 3" in your eggs... we do it all at once.  We treat animals humanely, improving genetics with each generation. We dont spend money on fancy packaging... we put all our investment inside.

My own children eat what we make. It is our life.  We do not buy cheap food, and we do not sell cheap food. We avoid it like the plague. Our food budget is huge... we have had to shift our family priorities around and drastically change our lifestyle to accommodate. But we are very glad we did.

IT is hugely saddening to have parents come by to hear our story of how we beat many serious health conditions with nothing but good real  food, only to leave uncommitted because of price or convenience.  Often, these same parents that refuse to spend money on good food for their children leave in a fairly new car, with a Starbucks cup inside. IT breaks our heart to watch over and over.

Priorities, cheap food is evil. It kills.

As my heart hurts for my friend, waking his girls up to a motherless day today, the start of the rest of their life, I am proud to have never compromised on food quality. We will never make excuses for our food prices. They are fair based on the value inside and cost to produce. Our commitment to you, is to bring you the best food possible, at a reasonable price.

Know your farmer... ask questions... demand answers.

Food is your life.


  1. You seem to put very little responsibility on your friends choice of diet? It's not as if they were forced to eat cheap food.

    I have many family members who just give me a blank Stare, when the issue of food comes up. Yet they are suffering from many types of illnesses.

    Its their Fault!


    1. you are of course correct in that each of us is responsible for our actions, and health problems brought on by cheap food is our own choice. even so... i prefer to focus on the solution rather than assign blame. when a parent realizes they are responsible for their own childrens health challenges, there is plenty of internal blame, i dont feel the need to add, but do feel the need to offer choices to correct that.

  2. I understand your point... but in order to solve a problem... we fist must identify the source aka cause of the of problem.
    I believe that both needs to be done... provide a solution and ID the cause. Some call it blame... I call it the cause.

    I could be address in a mild or more direct manner. Depending on the individual.

    People are creatures of habit. Who create a comfort zone. Most will continue in that manner. Very few will awaken and change as a matter of insight. A larger percentage will change after they experience PAIN!

    But a significant amount will never change... they will just suffer and die.