Monday, December 28, 2015

Nationwide Shipping starts in 2016!

Little Sprouts Farm is now opening the doors to anyone that needs good healthy food. We have spent the last several years, and the entirety of our financial savings learning how to operate a farm devoted to quality, not profit, and building that farm into a sustainable model.

Now it is time for the next step.. 2016 is here and we are expanding to nationwide shipping!

The product list will be abbreviated to comply with federal food laws, but what is offered will be of the same extreme quality that we have brought to the Rogue Valley. Our mission remains the same.. heal families through the food that nature intended, heal the land through sustainable practices, and focus on quality over profit.

The model is simple...

Just sign up as a Little Sprouts Farm member, and choose "shipping" as the delivery method. Then you will receive an email every month to warn that your shipping day is approaching. Place an order online for as much or as little as you need before that shipping day, and we will ensure that your order arrives fresh at your door.  You can pay ahead or on order, pay through check or paypal.

Spread the news...  Friends, co-workers, relatives... anyone can sign up starting now and try out the new system.

Our committment to you is this... We will say focused on providing healthy food that benefits man, earth, and animals... traditionally, organically, and humanely raised.  Foods that are not adulterated by modern systems, foods that are not filled with preservatives or chemicals, foods that provide all the nutrition your body needs to heal with none of the toxins that cause disease. Our focus is on you, our customer, and our animals, and our land. We are here for you.

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