Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dinner on the patio... the new goat patio...

We are absolutely loving the new goat patio squares! This is one of those moments where you think "why didnt i do this years ago?"... seriously! This may be the single best invention of the year!

As you can see in the pictures, these patio blocks (from this previous post)  make it possible to utilize a part of the goat pen that is otherwise inaccessible during the winter. The girls are very picky about not stepping in mud, and would not go near this corner of the pen when it rains. But now.. it is quickly converted to a clean, dry feeding area.

Soon we plan on adding a roof off the side of the barn to give protection from the rain. But this is already a huge improvement!

You can see the grain feeder up against the barn with some patio squares inside its cage.  The hay area is just a couple of old pallets to hold the bale up out of the water while the girls stand on the patio blocks to nibble. The squares then lead a dry path to all 3 barn stalls and the milking room.

And of course.. Dorothy (middle)  standing in the middle of it all to pose for the picture.  Maggie (on the right) was busy trying to nibble on my clothes but not willing to step into the mud to reach me. 
 Once we have a few more of these patio squares built and distributed around the farm, we are considering offering them for sale locally. If you have wet areas you wish to turn into walkways for the winter quickly and inexpensively, these things work great!  We can fill them with any kind of rock. These have rough granite to help with hoof trimming, but it could be smooth rock just as easily.  If you are interested.. let us know, lets talk!

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