Sunday, November 29, 2015

First winter harvest!

The first harvest from the winter garden graced two thanksgiving tables this year... beautiful heirloom beyond organic turnips! These turnips seem to have no problem with temps as low as 18 so far! Hardy, fast growing, and oooo so tasty! Light flavor, only very slight radish type heat, and smooth crispy texture. We left ours raw, sliced and served with a little oil and vinegar dressing. YUM!

We ventured out on a beautiful thanksgiving morning, cold but bright sunshine, to find these treasures under a thick frozen frost.

Hunter and oliver picked the best and biggest for the thanksgiving celebration.

Then we had the pleasure of sharing the first harvest with this plot's land owners, Stephen and Linda.

We so appreciate the people that trust us with their land, and enjoy sharing the harvest with them freely. Without land, farming is next to impossible, and taking stewardship of some else's land is a deep responsibility. We feel a special honor for each of the people that have granted us this privilege.

The winter gardens are intended primarily for pig feed, but we will have some available for sale later in the season. Coming soon. Is also: Kale, purple cauliflower, purple kohlrabi, rutabagas, carrots, parsnips, and cabbage!

If you have any land available that you would like utilized for growing beyond organic produce, contact us!

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