Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Grain Train!

What do you do when the greenhouse is flooded from constant watering of the sprouts, and the pasture is dying from dryness? You build a grain sprouting train!

and thats what we did. Using old pallets, a little 1/2 inch PVC, a few low pressure sprinklers, and some creativity equals a nice grain sprouting system that moves all the excess water from sprouting to where it can do some good!  There are 9 sprouting buckets on each "grain car" of the train (a pallet), 3 train cars  strung together  with bailing twine to make a pull-able train, and some water hose to power it. The result is a nice setup that moves around the pasture daily, using the water runoff from sprouting to water the pasture grass.

Aside from needing to pull it to a new spot every day, it is actually easier to use than lugging the buckets in and out of the greenhouse doors.  Plus it moves the sprouts out to the pasture where they are fed, instead of back at the greenhouse where the heavy buckets have to be hauled so far.

It's a win-win!
Two trains, one with 3 cars and one with only two. the third car is in the shop for maintenance. 

here is a closeup of the sprayer bars that mist the grain  to sprout it.  there is one nozzle over each bucket of grain. 

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