Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bee swarm!

We collected a wild bee swarm this week.  This one was at a neighbors house...  And was quite challenging!  The swarm was nestled up about 30 feet high in a willow tree!  A tall extension ladder,  a pole saw,  and some careful balancing did the trick.  The only approach was to cut the branch and let it fall to the ground.  Hunter then quickly picked it up and set it in the box.  Fortunately it worked,   the queen was safe and sound in the center and then in the box.  Within a couple hours all the rest of the bees joined her.

Unfortunately myself and Kaelyn suffered a bee sting or two this time.  Those bees were angry!

The swarm is safely in a new hive now,  living at Little Sprouts...  And soon making you honey!

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