Friday, May 9, 2014

First block of little sprouts cheese!

Today I took o7r first ever block of raw goats cheese out of the cheese press!  Exciting!

This first block is a plain goat cheddar and weighs in at 2 lbs,  9 Oz from 2 gallons of little sprouts goat milk.  Not bad!  (the recipe predicted 2 lbs,  so we are 25% higher in fat and solids than expected).  Plus it produced 6 liters of cheese whey!

Now on to the aging in our cheese cave, Which takes 3 months to be sellable.

Tasting the block going into aging gives no detectable "goaty"  flavor,  so hopefully the end product will not taste goaty.  That is our goal...  To produce goat cheese high in fat that does not taste goaty!

Stay tuned.....

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