Saturday, May 24, 2014

Birds and the dangers of trash

Kaelyn found this poor little duck with a plastic ring in its mouth.  It was lodged in so tight that there would be no possible way for it to free itself.  In fact,  had we not found it,  the duck would have died,  from starvation.

Why did this happen?  Right now our ducks are free ranging,  and it could have found this ring anywhere.

What does it mean?  Think about this poor duck whenever handling plastic.   Something so simple as rain small ring,  tossed out improperly,  can cause a lot of suffering and death.  Birds are especially susceptible to plastic trash.  Please keep this in mind wherever you are.   Beach,  forest,  home,  Park,  anywhere.

This particular duck will be fine.  A snip with siscors and she was free.  The ones in the wild....  Not so lucky.

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