Saturday, May 24, 2014

First Honey Harvest!

Its is HERE!  After a long wait, we can now offer our first Little Sprouts Honey! Thats right, not honey resold from other farms, but produced right here on our own farm from our own bees.

Our honey is quite unique. Rich, dark, flavorful, it is naturally produced in only Top Bar hives and naturally harvested  by hand, then dripped from crushed comb with no heat, no pressure, no machinery of any kind. Honey just like the bees have.

Top Bar hives have several advantages, one being the forced creation of new honeycomb for each batch of honey.  No re-use is possible as the comb is harvested along with the honey, then brand new comb is produced to replace it.  This does affect the flavor of the honey, since honey is created inside the cells of the honeycomb, the purity of the honeycomb is a factor in flavor.

Our first harvest is available immediately, sold in half pint only, in VERY limited quantities.  Be sure to order yours today!

Link to the online store:

Look under the HONEY section.

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