Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kombucha is back

By popular demand we are pleased to announce the availability of little sprouts kombucha!

We had stopped offering this wonderful elixir when moving into the new fermentation room,  but all is up and running now.  Kombucha is available!

Our kombucha is quite special.  Rich and thick without high sugar,  and fully alive!  We do not flash pasteurized this,  do not "heat to extend shelf life"  or in any way change it from its homemade state (as most store brands do).  It's unique flavor is due to two kinds of tea with two kinds of sugar.  There is none like this!

For now available in half gallons and quarts as plain.  When our new screw top jars arrive,  we will be bottling this in flavors in single serving screw top bottles.

Order some today!

Here is a pic of the next batch of kombucha aging...  14 gallons with healthy scobys.  Yum!

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