Monday, May 26, 2014

First block of cheese tasted... Success!

Well we did it.  At 3 1/2 weeks we cut open for first ever block of little sprouts cheese for taste test.  It's early..  Sure.  Still has a few weeks to go,  but I had to see if this goat cheese we are making has the dreaded "goaty"  flavor and aroma.

The verdict is.....  YUM!

Not a hunt of goaty flavor nor smell!  Celebration!

Th4 texture is a bit off,  slightly dry and chalky for my liking,  but 5hats easy to fix.  The flavor wa a nice mild cheddar.  We even melted some down on a corn tortilla for a quick lunch snack and it was excellent.

So..  Onward!  Tod a we put the cranberry cheddar in the cave and started a nice jalapeño cheddar.   We have some exciting flavors planned as things settle into routine :)

Stay tuned!

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