Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monsantos key man... president obama?

I generally steer clear of political debate and support in this blog, focuding on more important matters of health and mutrition. However this nees story came up thay crosses thd lines of politics and our nutritional and agriculture future. The whole issue of GMO crops, labeling foods made with them, stopping their parade to permanently corrupt human food across the planet, these are things near and dear to my heart.

This story points out that president Obama apparently just flat out lied about his support for GMO labeling. In fact, after stating his understanding and care for the antiGMO concerns during campaigning, he orchestrated the largest government sanctioned  adoption and proliferation of GMO anything ever in history. Obama is apparently the most actively proGMO president possible.

It is one thing to openly be proGMO and by extension PROBIG BUSINESS, but the problem here is that he publically says he supports labeling, organic gardening, nutrition... while privately working against it. That is just about the worst manner of leading... open lies.

Here is the article I refer to.... read it yourself and judge.

 Meet Monsanto's number one lobbyist: Barack Obama 

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