Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Products restocked and expanded

Now that we are back in full operation after last month's unexpected trip,  we have some exciting news! 

New products!

Pickled eggs are packed and ready for sale.  These are the slightly spicy version,  pickled in live vinegar and our own recipe. Available in pint size of 4 to 6 eggs.

Yogurt!  Raw goat milk yogurt!  By popular demand we have made yogurt. It is incredibly smooth and mild.  No added ingredients,  just raw goat milk and yogurt starter.  Plain,  simple,  healthy.  For legal reasons this is available only within our herd share program.

Ice cream!  That's right.. .. we have true homemade hand churned ice cream!  Ingredients are goat milk,  egg yolk,  honey,  and vanilla powder. This is uncooked, simply mixed and frozen. You can't buy ice cream like this from any store!  No added cream.  The egg yolk adds enough fat to make the milk freeze creamy.  It is actually a healthy treat!  For legal reasons,  this is as valuable to herdshare members only.

More to come!  We are busy restocking our coolers for this week's delivery!

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