Monday, September 10, 2012

First Khaki Campbell Duck Egg has arrived!

We were very excited to find the first duck egg from the campbells. We found a couple of duck eggs laying around hte pond last week, and sure enough we are now getting a consistent 1 egg per day. this means they are of age and the number should climb steadily and quickly.  There are 120 ducks, including 8 males, so doing the math  of 3 eggs per day for every 4 birds shows :

112 females / 4 = 28  * 3 = 84 eggs = 7 dozen per day

This breed is listed to have the capacity to lay all through the winter without lighting, although at a slower rate, so we should have duck eggs available year round.

So yes.. exciting news for those waiting for a steadier supply of duck eggs! It is almost here!

As usual, these eggs will be soy free, non-gmo, omega 3 rich, pastured (with pond) organic, fertilized, and fresh! Ducks eggs tend to be a little richer than chicken eggs, and those truly allergic to chicken eggs can often consume duck eggs without a problem.  That puts duck eggs in high demand!

maybe time to start on another  new flock!?!?!

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  1. Khaki Campbell duck is really awesome. They are excellent layers. Eggs are of good size and taste. We are raising Khaki Campbell ducks for many years. Love this breed very much!