Monday, October 1, 2012

Black wattles? Relaunching pastured heritage pork

As the sun rises at the farm we find yourself on eureka California. Why? Over the weekend we decided it is time to relaunch our pasture pig operation. With so many on the waiting list for pastured soy free heritage pork... we realized we had to do something drastic. Our breeders have not produced a litter in quite a while.  Unfortunately our reasearch had revealed that there may be a problem with the blood line of our red wattle pigs at the root. Apparently there is a specified line originating in the state where we bought our breeders that only produce litters every couple years. Seems we won the lottery on this!

All of our sows are related, either sisters or offspring, so any genetic issue could easily be present in all. This appears to be the case. So we are going to start over. 

We have decided to relaunch the hog operation with an even better approach. Heritage hybrids. All research points to this being the best way to overcome genetic problems while strenghtening a herd. We have chosen to mix red wattles with large black hogs to produce black wattles.

The large black is known as the bacon hog. It produces the worlds best bacon with more meat per slice than wattles. Mixing the red wattle with the large black produces a pork that us an amazing blend of the best qualities of both breeds. The pork should exceed the quality of either alone too.

So... here we go. Found a breeder, loaded up last night, and off we go to eureka. By tonight we will be back at the farm with our large black sows to mate with our existing red wattle boar.

The other good news is that we will be processing all 4 red wattle breeders soon providing about 2000 pounds of excellent red wattle pork for sale. If you have been waiting... now is the time!

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