Monday, September 17, 2012

Organic foods a biosecurity risk?

This article from Dr. Mercola explains a lot! The recent us government push to support and approve as many genetically modified crops as possible as quickly as possible, while simultaneously suppressing right to know campaigns and discrediting organic methods all follows logically if Dr. Mercola is right.

Bottom line is this... the government has decided that organic food is a biosecurity risk. Only genetically altered foods are controllable and therefore safe. So to keep America safe from biological attacks to our food supply, organic methods must be contained.  That is an eyeopener!

Problem is they are wrong. Only using the same tactics as the tobacco industry to disprove connections between smoking and cancer can disprove organic food more healthy. In fact truly scientific studies done right who nonorganic food to be a huge health risk, and gmo food to be devastatingly dangerous and toxic.

We (the American public)  need to wake up now and think through what we are being told. Our lives and our children's future depend on it. We are custodians of our children's future, and thereby responsible to hand them a better world than we received. Look at the evidence and think through the facts and it is obvious, the reasoning of the conventional agriculture, factory farm, and gmo crowd is faulty and puts our grandchildren at great risk.

This is a great article to read through and discuss.

Organic Foods are Safer and Healthier than Conventional... True or False?

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