Sunday, September 16, 2012

What touches the heart

I wake this morning facing today and remembering yesterday. Today is an especially important day as we open the farm to the annual rogue valley farm tour.... sharing what, how, and why we are doing what we do. This follows an especially moving day yesterday that makes today take on an even greater meaning.

Yesterday was delivery day as usual. The day we get out to meet our customers at their homes, visit with them a little, and leave what products they request. Its our chance to connect with the families we ultimately work for. Yesterday was a lighter than usual delivery due to end of summer travels and such which afforded us a little more time to visit.

What touches our heart is hearing the stories from customers about how the traditional foods of our grandparents are touching lives. Many of our customers struggle with serious health issues, life altering issues. These families have come to rely on good natural nutrient dense foods to counteract these health issues. It always amazes us when we hear the detailed reports from families of how this food helped that condition.... how their very lives are eased because of the healing properties of real food.

two  families in particular yesterday left us speechless. Their struggle is one of the more intense ones... and they only recently turned to traditional foods to heal. Their story of little successes is deeply touching ans awe inspiring. I obviously can't share the details here in respect to their privacy, but i can share the tears we shed after hearing their story and how the simple foods helped.

This is what makes every shovel of manure a joy. What price can be placed on a neighbors health struggle? When we connect the dots and realize that these simple yet back breaking works of love are helping a small segment of our neighbors in such a big way, it makes any physical struggle we may endure a pure joy. Remembering the faces, the appreciation in those eyes, drives us on to continue and perfect.

Farming... true farming... is not about money or a career. Sure a farm must be profitable to continue to exist, but profit is not the driver. Farming is about healing people, and the land we were given. Its about alleviating suffering, about bringing the wisdom of the past to those that most need it, about honoring our call to care for this world and each other. Farming is a mission, not a job.

Then we are further touched by the requests for these products... almost pleas. Once it is obvious that good traditional foods heal.. truly heal not just mask symptoms... these is a larger demand than we are equipped to handle. We don't worry about competition because I can't imagine there ever being enough small Farms in this valley to meet these needs. Each farm can only do so much.... because it is in fact size and quantity of production that alters the very value of the food produced. It is simply not possible to grow a farm indefinatley and maintain the quality of product. We are doing our best to reach a size to meet as much need as possible while preserving the quality and benefits of the foods.

Still... we run out of certain products and have to turn down requests occasionally. We do so with a heavy heart when necessary. But again... this is what drives us forward... ever seeking to fill more needs without sacrificing quality.

Farming is hard back breaking work... but days like yesterday make it a joy. I came home from delivery and browsed the farm wishing I could do more, but feeling  blessed to be able to do what we do. Walking around the farm watching the animals roam and live .... I am reminded that this is a partnership. These animals and land are the source of the goodness we share. Our family is nothing but the caretakers of the magic of nature. The animals and plants are our partners in health. We owe them and the land we share a respect and gratitude.

For our family... the little sprouts... we will keep shoveling manure, feeding, plowing, planting, caring 24x7 for this little spot of heaven we have been granted with a happy and grateful heart... the smiles and gratitude of those relying on us ever in our mind.

Farming... not a job.... so much more.

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