Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ghosts? Enemy attack? Natural disaster?

Today was weird... bizarre actually. Is this place haunted or perhaps a new form of crop circles? You tell me!

We left the farm today to head over to Klamath Falls. We found an older commercial freezer and cooler that would fit perfectly in the farm store. We left the farm about 2 pm. When we returned around 5 we found a bizarre not easily explained sight. See the picture!

The turkey roost in the orchard was no longer.... in the orchard! It was about 10 feet away upside down in the garden. The fence post between the two was bent almost to the ground. Apparently the roost had fallen over backwards... bent over the post , and ended up on its roof in the garden.

There were no signs of anything anywhere that showed any movement. No tire or foot tracks, no scrape marked on the ground. Nothing... as if the roost was picked up in the front and pushed over onto its back and rolled on its top.

Imbalance maybe! Unlikely.... any extra weight would be in the front pulling it over forward, not backwards.

Gust of wind? No record of it on our weather monitor, which recorded a top gust of only 15 MPH today. Plus the wind today was from the west, not the direction the roost was facing. And... nothing else was out of place. Strong wind gusts would have moved quite a few things

Other portable structures in the pasture jlon the north and south sides of the garden were untouched. Some were much lighter and less aerodynamic than the roost and yet they were sitting properly.

The only explanation I can think of is perhaps a mini tornado that came down just at the roost and left,  causing no other visible damage. Sounds far fetched but.... what other explanation is there? Hauntings from michevious ghosts?

Ideas anyone?

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