Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why is this video series so important?

We just posted a first video of a new series, found here --->

if you have not watched it... please do... so the rest of this post will make sense.

The question arises... why is that message so important? There are 2 separate reasons I'd like to share.  Please note... this post is from my heart, deep and emotional on both counts.

Reason #1 - First and foremost...  If this message isnt received, accepted and followed, children will suffer. period.

This may be a controversial stance, but I am old enough to not care. What is important, is the truth. I am absolutely convinced that This message is true, and the ONLY way to achieve true health.  We have watched parent come to us, seeking to find how our own children healed from such devastating problems such as ASD (autism spectrum disorder). Yet, after hearing the story, and what it took, they leave empty handed, not willing to do what we did. Usually because it is "just too hard" or "just too expensive".  They seek a cheaper, easier solution. Often, months to years later we touch base and sure enough, they have not made progress, but often have "accepted" that their children cant be helped.

And we KNOW that they can.

Or we have the parents who do accept it, only to leave and later decide that the disneyland trip or the new car or the nice house or that daily starbucks is more important.  These parents do everything they can to save money on food and, inevitably they decide that healing through food is bogus or at least severely limited.

And we KNOW that it isnt either.

These families, for one reason or another, have not accepted the simple fact that good food is expensive and ONLY expensive food will heal. There are no shortcuts, no cheats.  If they are not committed to shopping by price, highest price, it will not work and their children will suffer.  Oddly, if it was chemotherapy to save a life.. these same parents would not cut the treatment back to save money, or would they?

A good friend recently reminded me that "the love of money is the root of all evil".  Sometimes we forget what that really means.

This message from the video is important because the children can not do it themselves.

Secondly... it is important because of the implications to farms like ours.  Here is the bottom line. If a farm is committed to producing the type of food that heals, the best quality possible, but customers are not willing to pay... what is the farmer to do? There are only two options... he can cut quality to what people are willing to pay for, or he can go out of business.  There is no alternative. If the public in america follows the path of demanding cheaper food, the healthcare crises will grow and farms will close. Factories will take over. If a young family can not make even minimum wage and produce good quality food, they will not make food.

We, little sprouts farm, are in that category. Our prices are based on labor at minimum wage. There is no additional profit, no kickbacks, no financial benefit. That best we can ever hope to do is to make less income than many of our own customers.  This is our reality. I am not complaining... we gladly accept this as our life! We look forward to the day that we make a minimum wage profit from the farm.  But the reality is.. we, little sprouts farm, will not sacrifice on quality. The simple fact is, if the public is not willing to pay prices for this quality of food, we can not stay in business.

So you see, it is VERY important in both respects.

We love the farming life... but the reality is.. we have watched several farms follow the same path as we are on... and they are all gone. Their customers would not pay for the quality they produced. Their farms failed.  That quality of food is no longer available in their community.  Food got cheaper for their community.. and the children will suffer. Medical industry will prosper, because that is the only other option.

My only plea to you is.. do not let this happen to your family and your community. If you want the best quality food... find a local farm committed to producing it and buy from them, support them. They will disappear without you. Look at your children, struggling with whatever health issue has plagued your family and ask yourself... whats more important?

IF you do not have a local farm committed to these high standards, the highest, then we welcome you to buy from us. Most of our products are available for shipping. We always recommend local, but if you cant find what you need locally, and cant start a farm yourself, then we welcome you to buy from us through shipping.

OR... and I am serious... if the public is not willing to pay the prices for the top quality food, please let it be known now so that families like ours dont waste time producing something no one wants.

At this point I would normally apologize for the intensity of this post.. but not today. I am passionate about this, I am convinced it is right, so I will let the passion show through.

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