Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lamb Hospital - 2016

the rains this week did more than stick our vehicles in the mud... the weather endangered the new born lambs greatly! Cold in manageable.. wet is manageable.. but wet AND cold.. not so much.

So we started hourly "lamb checks" to keep an eye on things... and put bedding once or twice a day around each shrub or shelter area.  IT worked pretty well, but still.. we ended up bringing a few inside.

THAT is a risk.. because drying one off, handling it, carrying it.. in the first day or two of life, will leave scent on the lamb that the mom rejects. Scent is how she identifies her baby and we destroy that saving the lambs life. So in the end we end up with some "bottle babies" that the moms wont take back.  Its unavoidable, a pain, but oh so cute!

Here are some pics of the "hospital" that kaelyn set up for this year's patients.

Violet and Nichole were lucky enough to get private rooms. Violet actually suffered a broken leg through some mishap and is awaiting a leg wrapping by the nurse.  

Ammon, the boy, keeps close eye on the two young girls.. he is already starting to show the personality of a ram, keeping an eye on things. 

Unfortunately Ammon does not like to hold still for pictures!

The stool is where the nurse sits every few hours to feed them and check on them, plus a little cuddle time. 

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