Thursday, January 14, 2016

Militia or Patriot? -- simple answer.. the Constitution

I like simple.

The current situation in Burn, Or is really simple.

There are a lot of arguments on both sides about fires, justice, management of land, occupation of federal lands, bearing arms, local vs distant citizens.. etc etc. BUT the real question is really simple.

What does the constitution say?

The fact is.. the constitution plainly says that the federal government can not own land outside of a few specific allowances clearly listed.  IF the government currently owns land outside of that, it is wrong and must be stopped, immediately.

IF you think that the government SHOULD own land.. ok.. lets debate the constitution through proposing a constitutional amendment. Until then, I personally am not interested in the arguments on either side. The constitution must be followed. IF you disagree with it.. there is a lawful process by which it can be changed. have at it.

It really is that simple.

Lets put all other arguments aside for the proper time and place.. and solve the real problem... the government has taken clearly unconstitutional acts, and thereby violated its contract with the states.  THAT is the only issue worth debating right now.

Lets keep life simple friends...

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