Saturday, January 16, 2016

New items in store - Broth, Stock and Lard

We finally have restocked our supply of broths, stock, and lard.  AND, we have adjusted the packaging which allows us to drop the price a bit.  

These products are way beyond the quality you can find in the store. It all starts with our farm rules around organic non-gmo soy free feed, pasture life, heritage breeds, humane treatment, no antibiotics no hormones, no chemicals of any sort. then we take the raw animal products and process them the traditional way just as you would at home. nothing added, nothing lost. The health benefits and flavor are astounding. 

Here's an overview of whats available now in the online store:

Meat Stock - Chicken
    Often called chicken stock or broth (interchangeable terms)  This stock is nothing like what you find in the store. It is of course made from our chickens  This stock can be used in any recipe that calls for chicken flavored broth or stock, and it is absolutely delicious as a warm drink! We boil the whole chicken slowly to extract all the goodness possible, then strain and package the broth for freezing. Delivered frozen to stay fresh without excessive heat from canning. 

Bone Broth - Chicken, Lamb or Pork
    Bone broth has become known as the new health drink! It is loaded with goodness for many aspects of health. This bone broth is unique since it is from our own animals and therefore is free of any impurities, poisons, additives...  and it is slow extracted in water with a little vinegar to pull out the maximum minerals and collagen possible.  It is great added to any recipe calling for broths or stock, or as a warm health drink. It is never subjected to high heat and delivered frozen for freshness. 

   The original healthy fat! When lard is produced and rendered properly, it is a high health fat that is heat stable for high tempo cooking.  Not only is it good for you, but taste great! Our lard is absolutely pure, nothing added, and healthy. Use it on veggies, eggs, meats, pretty much anything where a slight pork taste is an addition. 

Lard with cracklings
   The same lard as above with some of the crackling added back in.. which means some of the tasty chunks of fat . It fries up in dishes like bacon bits and adds a delicious flavor.  Use as you would lard in any recipe.

Pork Cracklings
    the forgotten comfort food of the south...  cracklings is whats left after the lard is rendered out. They make a great dish by themselves or you can add to any veggie or meat dish that would benefit from bacon bits. Think of them as soft bacon bits. 

The new packaging is one pint tubs. These tubs allow us to lower the price over glass jars, save time over vacuum sealing, and deliver product frozen in usable portions.  We hope you will find the new packaging a benefit and enjoy the lower price. 

We are going to try to keep these all in stock, but I do recommend that you order early!

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