Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stuck in the mud

It has rained a lot this week!  That's my excuse anyway...

Between myself and Hunter, we managed to get all three, the tractor, the RTV, and "the buggy" stuck in the pasture mud... and I mean STUCK! All three were int up to the frame or more. the tractor floorboard was below the ground level!

It took all of 3 days to remove these 3 vehicles...

First day was me working to get them out.. and succeeding in making things worse.
Second day was a very nice fellow with construction equipment hired off craigslist..
Third day was with the pros at Dick's towing

Day one was pointless, I only made things worse. I was the one that took the buggy out (our 15 passenger 4wheel drive van) to try to pull the tractor and RTV out. Unfortunately  when the buggy hit a certain area right over the ridge in the pasture.. it went down fast. within second it was into the quicksand like mud up to the axles.

Day two was a bit better.. hired a guy with heavier equipment to come out with an excavator. He did manage to pull out the tractor and RTV, but not the buggy. When he tried to lift the buggy up, the excavator just went down into the mud. tracks and blade quickly disappearing under the surface.  He slowly escaped the pasture using the bucket to pull himself out.

Day three we finally got the pros at Dick's towing out (who happens to be a neighbor of ours!) and they succeeded in pulling the buggy out with lots of long cables and two trucks.

Lesson learned... dont trust the mud! It can go from fairly firm to quicksand within inches!

This is where the tractor and RTV sat. Those ruts are almost 3 feet deep. We tried putting rocks, boards, large limbs under the wheels and they just disappeared in seconds.  in the very back you can see the track marks of the excavator where he finally pulled it out. 

there is the buggy, about 8-0 yards from our driveway. that poll of water in the front is the gate!

I made it up this slope, without sinking. GO BUGGY! we..  right until the top when it "fell off the cliff". 

Here you can see where the ground got soft, and the excavator sunk into the mud trying to lift the back of the buggy. 

Down to the frame!

The front didnt look quite as bad, but going forward seemed to be just more of the same soft ground, so not an option!

Drivers side was a bit worse than passenger side

This was quite the challenge! A little more and the entire tire would disappear!

View from the back.. dont step in those ruts!

But... the sheep and little lambs didnt seem to mind.. in fact.. I think I heard a chuckle!

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