Friday, January 8, 2016

URGENT call to action - protect NONGMO certification

We just learned that the "NON_GMO PROJECT" is proposing lowering the standards for non-gmo animal feeds quite dramatically.

Currently the "action level" (meaning the maximum level of detectable GMO contents within animal feed) is at 1.5%. the proposal is to increase this  to 5%.  What that would mean is.. when you buy animal feed "certified" to not contain GMO ingredients, there can be up to 5% GMO detectable and still be considered "perfectly fine".

NON-GMO feed will not mean "GMO FREE", but rather "JUST A LITTLE GMO".

Please take a moment and let them know your thoughts.. this is open to public comments now, but only today. The public comment period closes at midnight tonight, Jan 8.

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Personal opinion:

This is very saddening. The organic label has degraded substantially since its inception, by constant small compromise on the standards to accommodate this desire or that.  Today the organic standard is but a shell of what it was originally envisioned.  Based on this, it looks as though the non-gmo guys are going that same route.. start strong but compromise  repeatedly in small amounts so no one notices.

Personally I think it is FALSE ADVERTISING to put a "NONGMO" label on a bag of feed that can contain up to 5% of detectable GMO content. It can actually be much higher than that in any particular bag, because the 5% is not per bag, but based on a yearly average.  An individual bag could contain much higher amounts of GMO ingredients.

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