Friday, October 10, 2014

What is in real turkey stock?

Bottom line.. I DONT KNOW! But there is all sort of good stuff in there! Let me explain...

We just finished packaging s batch of turkey stock. There is  meat stock (from boiling meat) bone broth (from boiling bones in light vinegar)  and head/feet stock (from boiling those).  All packaged separately and available.

Now, let me qualify... each of these is made from very special turkeys... you simply can not find this quality of stock in the store. Here's the rundown:

  • Heritage breed (Narraganset)
  • Soy Free  (no soy allowed on our farm at all)
  • Organically fed (when necessary to supplement)
  • Pasture raised (80% of their feed comes from pasture grass / weeds and bugs)
  • Free Range (not cooped for the majority of their life)
  • Mature (allowed to live at least 1 year + to build mature meat and fat)
  • Humanely processed (to avoid stress hormone release)

Ok, all that said... this broth / stock is nothing short of liquid gold. It is dense, colorful, flavorful, and full of .... whatever makes this stock.

So.. I wondered.. how much is really in there? Lets find out! I took the same glass jars that  the stock is in, filled  with the same water that was used to make the stock, and measured the WEIGHT.   The results are amazing! It is possible to see the "stock" ingredients with weight!

Every quart of meat stock weights approx 1 oz MORE than the water used to make it!

Every pint of bone broth weighs approx 1/2 oz MORE than the water used to make it!

That tells me (in an unscientific explanation) that  there is 1 oz per quart of "stuff" from the bird held suspended within the meat stock and bone broth!  an ounce for a quart is a lot if you ask me! And all that "stuff" is what makes this liquid do healthy for you!

Here's a challenge.. go buy a quart of broth or stock from the store, and weigh it compared to water... I wonder how much "stuff" is in it. But of course first check the ingredients list to see if ANYTHING is added.. we add nothing, absolutely nothing.  Any takers?

I dont know what that "stuff" in stock is.. but I know it is the basic requirement for a healthy diet. Our own family has a cup of broth with EVERY meal that is not a soup meal.  It is yummy and healthy.  More about our experiences coming soon.... for now.. I encourage you to buy some broth or stock! you will not be disappointed!

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