Saturday, October 4, 2014

Deliveries delayed to Sunday for Salmon Fest

The ashland area deliveries will be delayed until tomorrow so that we can attend our booth at the Southern Oregon Smoked Salmon Festival today. If you are expecting a delivery today, please remember to put your cooler and payment out TOMORROW, Sunday Oct 4 instead.

We welcome you to stop by the smoked salmon fest and visit our booth. We will have free samples of many of our products for you to try! Wonder what good goat cheese taste like? stop by! we will have at least 6 flavors out with samples. Want to try the Nourishing Traditions Fermented Salsa? Stop by for a taste! Would you like to compare our full flavored fully live Kombuchas to the store bought stuff? Today is the day!

Look for our booth! We will see you there!

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