Saturday, October 4, 2014

Home from salmon fest

Wow,  what a day this was!  We spent over 6 hours talking to people,  giving out samples,  and finding new friends at the Jacksonville salmon fest.  It was an awseome day overall!  The cheese was the biggest hit,  just about everyone loved it.  The next most popular was the cultured salsa,  and followed by the kombucha and pickles.

The crowd was steady,  friendly,  interested,  and hungry!  Rarely was there a 5 minute window without someone to chat with.

Hunter was the star today,  he probably personally talked to 300 people,  telling our story over and over with excitement.  Even more special was that today is his birthday! It's something to think back just a few years,  before our journey into truly healthy foods,  when the ASD he suffered from prevented him from completing a sentence.  He has come so far,  so quickly.  He has become an expert speaker,  boldly talking to strangers with exuberance.  We are very proud of him,  and very thankful that the creator showed us how to help him.

What a day.  I,  for one,  am tired. 

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