Sunday, October 12, 2014

The sheep come home

Never a dull moment around here!  

In the middle of Saturday deliveries,  I get a call about the foothill property....  Escape!  Apparently the sheep and goats had found that the grass truly is greener on the other side,  only in this case the other side is the neighbor!

It seems they got out and ravaged the neighbors small fruit trees.  So we stopped deliveries around 3pm to head out and investigate.  Sure enough,  it was true. We will be replacing quite a few trees for our neighbor.

The quickest solution was to pull the herd back home,  which we were planning anyway.  So we gathered the troops,  and spent the rest of the day with a bit of an impromptu rodeo!  By midnight we had all the goats,  sheep and one llama back at the farm safe and sound.

Grandma has the wire ties ready to build the holding pen! Notice her little blue truck in the background making part of the pen chute. Is that redneck?

Here is the holding pen, ready to go!

Ollie  is excited!

Bunch of cowboys herding them to the pen

Follow Uncle Bradley!

Rainey (the Llama) races into the pen to find the grain

Quick! Close the door!


Tighten this panel, open the chute, and ready for the first load into the stock trailer

Ollie misses Rosemary :) 

He keeps her entertained while we get ready

Now remember, when I tell you, pull the rope hard and slam the door shut!

Ok, well, Momma Llama doesnt like whats going in. In fact she was a real problem!  We ended up letting her out after a few hours because she insisted on blocking hte chute so the sheep could not load, on purpose! She is a smart one!

Trying to make friends, but she wast not quite ready

Little Shephards!

And here they are the next morning, happy and home in the pasture on the farm. 

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