Friday, October 10, 2014

"My I see your registration please?"

Excuse me?

Your registration...

For what?

your car registration

my car registration? why?

For the iodine

Excuse me?

I need your registration for the iodine

Ok, at this point I am looking for the hidden camera... there has to be one, right? Why else would the checker at the local hardware / feed store be asking for my auto registration? but no.. it wasn't a hidden camera stunt, it wasn't a  joke. She was absolutely serious. I was in total disbelief!

Apparently someone or someones in the government of the state of Oregon decided that plain ole iodine (used extensively on a farm) should be a controlled substance. Apparently they passed a law that states that since iodine (along with a long list of other normal everyday items) could be used to create illegal drugs, and therefore it must be "controlled" .... seriously? So since you can use iodine as a root ingredient in illegal drugs, a normal citizen is no longer allowed to buy iodine without presenting a picture id AND auto registration. If you don't own a car, or don't drive said car to the store, you simply can not buy iodine!

Oh my. What has our country fallen to! Do we really think that drug dealers / manufacturers are going to slow down by having to abide by this rule? There are plenty of ways around it without even thinking hard... but normal people are inconvenienced and ... at least for me.. insulted.  Why should I have to prove who I am to purchase a regular commodity? No crime has been or will be committed. These type of laws are just foolish. They wont do a thing to stop crime.... do we really thing a drug dealer will just say "oh that's too hard, i need to get a real job" ?  sigh...

Nevertheless it is the law. Iodine is now a controlled substance, along with a long list of other household things.  Where does this stop? perhaps we should mandate water be rationed, it is used in virtually every drug manufacture. OR spoons! Spoons are used regularly in making drugs... we need to outlaw these things! sigh.

Iodine is a controlled substance... wow. In america. We are so quick to give up freedoms, liberty, for a fake sense of security. What would the founding fathers say? They risked their lives to create a free nation, not one where the government has to ok the sale and possession of simple things like.. iodine.

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