Saturday, March 8, 2014

New sheep paddocks built

We managed to put up the first new sheep paddock at the new property this week.  Of course,  we picked the rainiest day of the week to do so....  Whats fencing without rain!?!

The design is simple to start, tposts and hard panels.  Moving every 2 to 3 weeks.  Inside the paddock is a divider wall to provide a smaller nightime spot for safety.  This will require the tractor to pull the tposts and move 3 walls every time,  which is not optimal. 

We have a design in mind for making portable hand manageable tposts to hold the hard panel up.  (finally have a reason to buy that welder!  Woohoo).  That would save lots of time in moving.  Details to come if it works :)

We also decided to go with zip ties to hold panels to posts.  Quickier and easier to install and remove....  So the cost is offset by the time savings.  This will be a learning experience all around.

Hopefully we will move the sheep next week and have them on the new grass :)

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