Sunday, March 30, 2014

First move to "foothill"

We finally did it... The first move if live animals to the new foothill property! Last night we loaded up one of the portable hard panel pens and moved the small herd of breeding mini Nubian goats to the foothill property. Exiting!

These guys will stay at foothill consuming the abundant organic grass and weeds until they give birth. Then they move back to the main farm for milking season. This greatly reduces the cost of milk production since the breeders no one need stored hay for most of the year! They also will enjoy a more varied and fresh diet than has been possible.

The lucky first pioneers are Aesop, Besty, Rosemary, Penelope, and four teenage bucks.

With more options for grazing at the main farm, even the milkers will benefit. Err can let the milkers spend more time on a wider variety of fresh grass which further increases nutrition and lowers cost.

We are very excited to spend a Saturday evening in the dark moving these guys... Sort of a Saturday night date night ... Farm style!

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