Thursday, March 27, 2014

$50 freezer that costs $1000 and no poultry for sale for a while

Sometimes saving money is not what it appears at first glance.  This is definitely true with used appliances! This week we had an unfortunate failure in our main storage freezer which housed all of our chickens,  turkeys,  and organs.  Basically everything we had for sale at the moment.  And yes,  we lost it all.

Bad news is,  we will have no chickens,  chicken parts,  turkeys,  organs,  or lard for the near future.  There was about a thousand dollars of food stored inside that all defrosted.

The good news is,  on a farm that raises pigs....  Nothing actually goes to waste!  But boy did they have an expensive meal! 

Note to self...  Dont put a thousand dollars of food in a $50 used freezer.

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