Sunday, March 2, 2014

Learning to Shepherd the flock, today at little sprouts

Last week was such a fun success,  we have decided to repeat the experience ,  perhaps indefinitely.

I am of course referring to the "shepherding the shepherds that Shepherd the flock"  post last sunday.  We decided to do our family bible study in the neighbors pasture with the sheep out,  and help the kids learn to Shepherd the sheep while we read bible scriptures.  It was a fun,  enlightening,  and moving experience.  So much so....

We are heading out again this morning to repeat.  Might even take the ole guitar out and have a few songs.

The most exciting part is..  You are invited!  We would like to share the experience with anyone interested.  Just come by the far between 10 and 12 this morning and look for the little clusters of chairs in the pasture on the left.   Dont dress up...  Be prepared for mud and perhaps bring a chair or blanket.  Bring a bible if you have one. 

Shepherding is the central theme in the bible concerning mans interaction with each other and with god. Learning to shepherd sheep,  just like so many patriarchs in the bible,  is full of life lessons.  Truly our creator is the good shepherd who can show us the way to those green pastures.

Just so you know,  this is not affiliated with any group,  church,  denomination,  it is literally our family bible study opened up to you.  We invite you to join this morning.

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