Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fire update : rebuilding begins

There is one sure thing after each tragedy in life....  Life goes on.  You pick up the pieces and move on.  That's exactly what we are doing after the coop fire we suffered  a couple weeks ago.
The first set of replacement chicks hatched the week of the fire,  many of them donated back to the farm by those who had ordered chicks before.  We really appreciated the generosity....  But also faced a problem....  We have no brooder up move them to!  In fact, the chicks are already old enough to escape the water troughs we put them in for their first night or two and we are finding chicks roaming  our home!
Welcome the farm master builder (also known as our part time farm hand and delivery route driver)  Bradley!  Monday during our regular farm meeting we expressed or desire to have a new approach to brooders,  something movable yet more appropriate than hoop houses. During our chat of options, Tiffany pulled up a picture of a brooder she found on her Internet phone.  We agree that it is a suitable design.  This commissioned,  Bradley springs into action .
No plans,  No list of materials,  No help, nothing but a single picture.  Yet the next morning Bradley shows up with the materials to begin. Three days later there sits not one but two brooders, each 8x8 with a hinged top. And they even look almost exactly like the picture (with a couple improvements).
Ironically the new brooders sit in the now bare ground of the old coop,  a few burnt remains still standing.  A chilling reminder of what was.
This post will be followed by another post on the brooder design complete with pictures.  I wanted first to offer the story of how it was built,  and express or appreciation to everyone involved..  Those who donated chicks, Tiffany for finding a good design,  Bradley for spending a couple days building this masterpiece from only a picture,  and you for all the kind words of condolence,  comfort,  and encouragement.

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