Thursday, February 6, 2014

Update on the grain bin project

What a day!  We started out rushing to finish the next 2 bins due to the rain headed our way.  The rain that was originally due here friday night was now expected thursday night,  cutting a day off.  The reason is...  This grain is still in the field!  We bought a crop of grain that was originally scheduled to be disced under.  The farmer agreed to cut it and give us the grain at a great price :)  but.....  The rain cometh....

So we rushed and finally decided to move the building to the new property and finish,  so we could be there when the grain trucks showed up.  Of course....  When we pull in....  It starts raining! 

So there we are....  Working feverishly in the rain...  Clock ticking....  And as usual in this business... The combine breaks.  What is that joel salatin quote about machines only breaking when you need them?  Well..  That cost another hour or so...  More time to build,  less time to harvest.

The assembly of the second bin went really fast and smooth!  I must give credit where credit is due...  My brother in law,  bradley,  was a real superman...  Sticking with it in the cold rain and mud,  even using electric power tools in the rain when necessary!  (yes...  There was a couple of shocking moments).  Without bradleys expert carpentry help and willingness to get a job done...  We would have never made it this far!  (He is the one in the pictures on the first post)

So...  To make a long wet cold muddy story short...  At the end of the day we had 1 bin ready,  another needing only a few bolts,  and a third about half.  But.....  The rain cometh.  Harvesting stopped and we only received a not full hopper of grain.  So we paused the rest of the building.  Threw together a quick improvised roof,  and headed home.

The grain is ok,  it will be cut another day when the field dries,  and we will finish the bins.  For now...  Its rest and reflection time. Well,  after chores and milking..... 

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