Sunday, February 9, 2014

Little Sprouts newsletter launched

This month all of our members received the first ever official little sprouts newsletter!  We have been searching for a labor light way to keep better communication going with members,  especially as things change and expand rapidly this year.

We settled on a service called mail chimp,  which automatically converts blog posts into a neatly formatted email newsletter.  No extra labor!  Once all set up....  All we do is keep blog posting the new news and automatically it is distributed to all members!  Best part is... It's free at our usage level.

We started out thinking monthly,  but are considering  changing to weekly distribution to keep everyone more up to date.  Any feedback here is much appreciated!

Soon I will post a link in the blog site so that blog readers who are not members  can also subscribe to the service.

Stay tuned! Exciting year ahead!

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