Saturday, February 15, 2014

Here is... No was... The new instant shelter

I really need to learn to post faster to the blog..  This particular story changed dramatically before I ever got it started here...

The story begins on a rainy day this week.  We realized that the sheep needed more shelter for the heavy Rainy weather blowing in..  So with the help of Brenda's brother Bradley,  we spent a few hours in the cold rain assembling portable shelters from Costco.  These are big enough to be a garage,  fully enclosures,  and amazingly sturdy. We built 3  together   to make about 15 by 60 feet.  We got them built and move to sheep in warm and dry.

But.. Didnt take a picture. 

So. .  Here's where it was... 

Tonight it blew away in he wind.  The stakes obviously to small. 
Tomorrow we start over 

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