Thursday, February 6, 2014

Little Sprouts expanding

This is truly a BIG year for little sprouts.  We are working now on our biggest expansion yet!  Through an interesting series of events,  (some would say coincidence,  we would say orchestrated by God himself)  we are teaming up with a local landowner to utilize 40 or so acres of land  with irrigation.

This is perfect timing for us,  as we were struggling to find a reasonable way to handle the herd growth of this year.  In the background to all the products and activities over the last 3 years,   our herds have been slowly growing....  That is slowly until this year.

Every year the beta expand by the number of females times the average number of offspring. For each type of animal that is a different number,  but this year sheep,  hogs   and goats have hit the inflection point in growth.

Hogs: we will have 11 breeders ,  each will produce 10 to 15 offspring.  Assuming an average 90 survival rate and the herd reaches 100 to 150 by summer.  THAT is a lot of hungry  mouths to feed!

Sheep: there are 45 females,  each birthing an average of 2 offspring.  With a reasonable survival rate that is about 120 head by spring. Again...  A large food demand to keep them healthy.

Goats : good milkers take two years to mature,  so right now we have a lot of growing non milkers.  All together there are about 50 to 60 goats,  with more due every month.

So...  Our little 10 acres that had served us so well is struggling.  We have already borrowed  4 acres of neighboring land,  and that's not enough.  So this new 40 acres is welcome!

Stay tuned for news as the expansion continues!

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