Friday, February 21, 2014

busy end of week!

What an end of week!
True to form... On a couple hours notice,  we loaded the children,  a baby,  and a dog in the car,  attached the trailer,  and took off overnight to bend in order to buy a generator.  Why a generator?  Because we need a source of power at the new property,  and it was a great deal! 
In the background, the bug barn is coming along nicely.....  Well except our farm hand (Bradley)  is allergic to the bugs and broke out in hives from working in the bug barn.  Most of the insulation is up though. Bradley is recovering nicely.
There was a  battle of excaped pigs,  loose turkeys,  hungry goats,  and other  fun farm excitements,   filling in for two milkings and feeding. 
Grandma...  Who we neglected to tell we were leaving town last night,  almost had a heartattack as she arrived at 6am this morning to an empty house.  Unable to find us anywhere or call us (Phones werent working in the hotel)   she ran frantically around the farm trying to figure out what happened until she ran across our farm hand milking.  Yep...  8 am in trouble for not telling her :(
Today after getting home around noon...  With the generator,  we did some chores,  chased the pigs back in,  adjusted the pig fencing,  retrieved some meat from the storage locker for delivery tomorrow,  and now its time for one last milking,  then prepare for deliveries.
Funny thing is...  That was all the last 24 hours!   I would go further back with the story...  But i dont remember that long ago!
Why do we do this?    Simple...  We love it,  and people need good food.  All it takes on a crazy day like this is one phone call from a desperate mom looking for soy free organic raw egg yolk or organically fed high fat goat milk,  to give her sick child.  No more motivation is needed. 
Busy days!  Good days,  sunny days,  happy days.   Perhaps we should start a little sprouts reality show!

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