Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hunter's first seed sale!

Yesterday was momentous!  Hunter personally delivered his first ever  saved seed sale in deliveries!  He was so pleased when he saw the seeds show up on the load report Saturday morning!  Glowing with pride that he had done something all on his own,  and sold it!

Seed saving really was totally his idea last season.  He got interested in the idea through reading about it,  joined a seed saving organization,  bought a book or two,  grew the plants,  properly saved the mature seeds,  and even packaged them,  individually counting how many seeds went into each bag.  In essence he launched a new little sprouts profit center all in his own!

We could not be more proud of him for his accomplishment....  At 10 he had not only the motivation but the interest, work ethic,  perseverance,  and ability to make this all happen in his own! How could a parent be more proud?

He is definitely motivated now to expand this project to a variety of seeds this year!  The sky is the limit!  It will be great fun to see where he takes this!

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