Thursday, January 31, 2013

The story behind the picture

Every picture has a story. I truly wish we knew the story behind this one.

If you look closely you will see skid marks across the tire tracks. These are llama skid marks. Now... our llama, rainy, is very calm. He only runs for two reasons... he is being chased or he is chasing an intruder. These skid marks are actually about 3 feet long, so he had some speed.

My best guess is he was chasing an intruder. That same night we lost 2 chickens on the other side of the pasture. Something manages to pull open the corner of a coop, bending hard fencing panels, and pull out 2 roosters. 

What was the scene last night? We will never know, but not one of the sheep is harmed, so I assume rainey did his job again, protecting the flock.

If only these skid marks could talk....

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