Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New drop point in Medford!

Today we installed a fridge at our new official medford drop point! We now have the option for difficult to deliver to customers to pick up your order at Wise Women Care office on Crater Lake Avenue in Medford.
This does not in any way replace our standard free home delivery service. Our goal here is to provide easier options for those that have had difficulties for one reason or another. If your interested in using this drop point, just contact us.
Orders will be delivered to this spot on the Saturday of the Medford delivery. With the fridge we can deliver items year round that need to stay cool. It is available 24x7 since it is outside the building. You just need the lock code to access the area where the fridge is.
We send a special thanks to the staff at Wise Women Care for providing this service. (Which is also the spot we chose to deliver our soon to arrive newest little sprout!)

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