Friday, January 4, 2013

Online store is up and running

This week marks the beginning of a next step in the life of Little Sprouts. We turned on our new online store! You can now easily order products online by browsing through the store to see what's available. This is a long awaited move for us. It will save much time around order processing while providing tracking and automated receipts, track inventory automatically, and lessen errors. Woohoo!
This online system also manages our home delivery routes and farm memberships. You can either order ala carte style or choose to subscribe to certain item. A subscription means that you want to receive a certain quantity of a certain item each delivery without ordering each time. The food just arrives on schedule. Not only is this easier for you, but it greatly helps us in planning expansion. We know what the minimum demand is that we must plan for. Subscriptions are always filled before ala carte orders, so you can be almost certain to receive your subscription.
A next step will be taking online payments. For now you still pay on delivery or mail in a check. Soon we will be approved for online checks and perhaps credit card and paypal payments. Our hope is that most subscriptions will be set up for monthly payments while orders are paid as they happen.
We are using the new software for Medford deliveries this week. And Ashland next week. So far only a few bumps here and there, but mostly going well. We don't have all the product pictures in yet (takes a while to take good food pics!) So those will be popping in over time.
You can find the store under the products page link above.
Thank you again for your support and patience through our changes. We truly appreciate your patronage and confidence!

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