Monday, January 21, 2013

Bacteria are our friend, not the enemy

I found this post particularly interesting, especially the part speaking about microbial life in the soil and how that life deals with modern agri chemicals. Most virtually all commonly available food, is produced with no knowledge of this important and fundamental aspect of life. That, in my opinion, is why conventional produce is fundamentally different than organic produce. Why factory produced meats are fundamentally different from farm raised meats. Why our nation is as unhealthy as it is today, with each generation requiring more and more health care just to stay alive. It all starts with life in the soil, or the absence of life.
Probiotic foods (I.e. cultured veggies, meats, dairy, and drinks) are without a doubt the most important food we eat, but we can't overlook the foundation of all life. The fact is that all higher life ultimately depends on bacteria, fungus, microbes of all types to exist. This unseen world teeming with such a variety of life that our world pales in contrast, is in fact the driver, determiner, supporter or destroyer of life in our world. The farmers first responsibility is to preserve the soil, meaning the life in the soil. Growing food in dead sterile soil is.... well... like growing death instead of life.
With all the honorable against genetically modified life, my prayer is that we do not concede nor forget the underlying battle of life itself. First was the battle between life (microbe) supported agriculture or modern sterile chemical supported agriculture. That battle still rages underneath the current headlines of gmo dangers. We can't take our eyes off the need to return to life supported food through organic and beyond organic principles.
This is why I contend that the farmer is at the root of modern healthcare, the root of survival for our next generation, the root of life and quality of life. Farming is not just a job, its a life mission.  It is equal or exceeds in importance politics, healthcare, national defense, everything except our relationship with our creator himself. Farming is the root of life and the root of farming is the life in the soil!
Here's the article I am referring to.
Fighting Microbes with Microbes

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