Friday, January 25, 2013

Little Sprouts sauerkraut back in stock!

We finally have a new batch if sauerkraut back in stock! Over the last couple months while we have been turning down orders for this tasty probiotic powerhouse, we have been working on increasing production abilities and improving the recipe. The results of these efforts are now available!
Flavor wise, we have adjusted the recipe to be slightly less salty, less cabbage flavor, yet still crunchy and not too sour. It came out with a nice blend of the carrot, apple and cabbage in a tart but mild juice. We are well pleased.
For now we only have carrot and apple kraut, but some plain is on the way also. We are able to make twice as much now, of two flavors simultaneously, and still produce a little other product also.
Saurkraut is a primary and necessary ingredient in most healing diets. The unique combination of cabbage, salt, bacteria, lactic acids and fiber are a staple for healthy digestion. Live saurkraut is used to aid digestion, build the immune system, rebalance gut flora, support detoxing, and improve absorption of nutrients. Its just an all around good food (as long as it it organic, naturally fermented without vinegar, and not killed through canning nor pasturization).
Little Sprouts kraut is all of these, plus we only use healthy himalyan or redmond salt. Since salt is a primary ingredient, the type of salt used is in fact crucial! Himalayan salt is pure, non chemical laced, and provides the full host of sea minerals. This gives our kraut an extra boost of health giving potential!
So feel free to order some through the online store. We feel sure you will appreciate the new flavor! (But please let us know either way)

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