Saturday, January 12, 2013


With the holidays past and the new online store up and running, we finally have time to get back to making yummy nutritious foods!  The shelves are no longer bare in our new coolers.
This week we stocked up on kombucha, chocolates, yogurt, kefir, and lard. Plus the chickens are back into near full production after the door mishap, so we have ample chicken eggs again.
The lard produced this week is amazing! Perhaps worth its own blog post. We slightly altered the rendering process... ever so slightly... and it made all the difference in the world!  We not only got greater yield, but the lard that came out is incredibly soft, totally moisture free, brilliant white, odorless and tasteless. Brenda made a test batch of wheat free chocolate muffins that had no hint of pork whatsoever. By far the best lard we have produced. And the good thing is its reproducible!
Our peanut butter cups are also quite the rage, they are hard to keep in stock but we made quite a few batches this week.  Funny thing about healthy chocolates.... the more we make.... the more we sell.  Its all incredibly hard to keep in stock.
The kombucha is also selling quite well, especially the new flavors. We doubled production and still find ourselves short on product often. Soon we will need to double again.
Catching up on yogurt and kefir orders was challenging. We had a few special customers come to pickup extra for medicinal purposes which left us totally out for a while.
We also put a good batch of saurkraut in the crocks this week, ready for sale in a week or two. Carrot and apple! Yum.
I must commend Brenda... all this extra product was produced during a week she has been on bedrest due to our pregnancy. We wanted to ensure the newest little sprout waiting till at least next week to arrive, so she coordinated all this from the couch! Not an easy feat.
Bottom line is... it feels good to end the week with enough product to fill almost all orders. We hate to run out! For this year we are switching to a schedule whereby we produce larger batches less often. We can do this because we have more storage space in the new coolers finally. Overall this will be more efficient.
So... enjoy the store full of product (both online and real). At the recent rate of new customers we have been blessed with it may not last long!

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