Monday, December 3, 2012

Success in the duck shelter!

Finally we are on the something that is working for the duck eggs. We didn't originally realize but have come to accept the fact that ducks bury their eggs. Deep. This has created problems from the unusually dirty eggs, the labor to uncover them... often in the rain. Our first plan of providing a dry bedding layer in a small Shelter just isn't practical!
So.. we have been toying with different ideas, and the current one shows promise. I put in 6 plastic storage buckets, about 6 inches deep. Between each is a piece of scrap plywood. Around each is a inch or so of bedding (straw) . Inside each bucket is only a half inch or so of fresh hay.
The result is... the plywood makes each box an aattractive nezting box due to privacy, so they don't lay outside the buckets. The grass inside gives a clean material to lay in. The straw around makes it seem more natural and helps the ducks climb over the sides of the buckets. Now we have a small clutch of eggs lightly buried in each bucket, reasonably clean... and easy to collect.
Farmer happy. Ducks happy.
UPDATE: I added a picture of the setup to make it more clear.

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  1. Wow, good thinking! I'll have to take a peek at your innovative nests should I ever decide to have ducks! BTW, I LOVE the eggs! Very full bodied and delicious!! THanks so much Dave!