Sunday, December 30, 2012

Amazing revelation at one year - how did this happen!?

At this one year mark of our first year in business, a new realization has sunk in. Something that is personally so astounding, I can not help but share. A realization that makes me take pause in surprise. Something that, for our family, is nothing short of a miracle.

What is this incredible realization? The fact that we have just completed one entire year of weekly deliveries. Each saturday (except for the Thanksgiving season when we were busy processing turkeys) for 12 months our entire family, all 6 of us youngest to oldest, spent the day delivering farm products to our customers. Why is that astounding? Because we didn't miss a single Saturday due to illness!  Not one weekend was our family down due to sickness, for 12 months! 

Our family history is not this. Not by a long shot! Our history is someone in our family in bed, too sick to get up, for days at a time, each and every month. NO EXCEPTIONS! Regular visits to the doctor, emergency room, weekend clinic, prescriptions, etc were a normal part of our life. The average illness lasted a week, several days of that being in bed too sick to get up, and lingering effects for days to weeks after.  This is our family history!

Now we realize to our great amazement that we have not experienced an illness that lasted more than a day or perhaps 2, and nothing that kept anyone (across all 6 of us) in bed more than a day. Now there are days when we occasionally think "something doesnt quite feel right", and it seems contagious passing from family member to family member, but then it passes. Maybe a fever or a runny nose for a half a day and its over. Perhaps a tummy ache one night for someone but fine the next day. 

This, for us, is a miracle. 

While building this farm, we all too often had to call on others, usually family or friends, to cover us as we were laid up with illness, multiple of us at once, too ill to get out of bed. This was our life! We thought that it was normal!  When we launched the weekly deliveries, I was personally quite worried that it would fail because I knew from history that we couldn't make it a month without missing due to weekend illnesses. Who would cover for deliveries? How could we maintain any level of consistency?

But, a year later and not one delivery missed, not even one Saturday spent "working through it" while sick.

How is this possible? What transformed our family? All I can offer is what we have changed over the last two years:

1. remove all over the counter and prescription drugs
2. remove all sugars, carbs, wheat, corn, starches, soy, rice, etc. from our diet
3. remove all processed foods (anything that comes in a box or can ready to eat)
4. remove all factory raised or conventional meat products
5. add in a constant diet of naturally fermented foods and drinks
6. remove all toxins  from our environment (cosmetics, chemical cleaners, toothpastes, personal care products, etc)
7. stop going to the doctor
8. follow the body's natural healing cycles instead of constantly masking symptoms
9. add plenty of saturated fat foods (especially animal fats) from healthy sources
10. remove all mood altering foods  (coffee, alcohol, etc)
11. increase vitamin D intake through sun exposure and supplementation

Basically we cleaned up our environment, switched to our own naturally produced, made from scratch,  traditional foods high in fat low in carbs, and learned to trust God's creation instead of fight it.  The result... no more constant illness!

This -  to us - is a great testament to the path we have been led down through a series of revelations. The list of constant health annoyances we lived with as normal is long and deep. They are all gone as if by magic. The combination of lifestyle and diet changes as above worked like a miracle to remove this long list of common ailments and problems such as : recurring athletes foot, dry skin, sinus irritation and drip, indigestion, constant heartburn,  recurring yeast infections, recurring bladder infections, planter fascistis,  fatigue, frequent lingering chest congestion, body odor, recurring strep throat, tooth decay including plaque and tarter, constant joint and muscle pain, bad breath, frequent colds, ear infections, sleeplessness, etc. The list goes on and on. We honestly had no idea how unhealthy we were, nor how easy it is to eliminate all of those common conditions. 

This is just one more motivation to remain committed to this small sustainable farm. Our creator has shown us through personal experience that we don't have to live like that. He has also shown us how to offer this to others through good healthy, natural, traditional nutrient dense foods.  The food we eat is one of the most important determiners of our overall health. Given the right foods the body will heal just about anything. Given commercially prepared nutrient light but toxin rich foods, the body slowly but steadily degenerates with one condition after another in what we commonly to call "aging", prompting us to mask one symptom after another through medicine. 

Food is perhaps the single most important aspect of our lives.  It is the determiner of our health. I am personally convinced of this by our own experience.  Still tonight I am totally shocked to see that we have not missed a single delivery in 12 months!

Is this a guarantee? Will good food and healthy lifestyle prevent all disease? Of course not, i do not suggest any sort of guarantee. I am not even recommending a treatment for any disease or condition. I am simply sharing this:. we were constantly sick with a list of problems requiring doctor visits and much suffering. After changing our lifestyle and food sources all of that is gone.  That's all I am saying. It worked for us and it makes sense. 

Was this a "faith healing" sort of thing? I don't believe so. Not because I don't believe in faith healing,  I just don't believe a faith healing was required here. What we needed was just a change of ways from violating God's laws and principles to following them, in modern terms. I give credit to our Creator for revealing how we can live healthy, for showing us how he made things, how nature works. It is in that revelation that health happens in general. 

So... yes.. we are pleasantly shocked to realize that we made a year of deliveries without a single miss due to illness. And we invite you to follow us on our journey to rediscover how we were intended to live, enjoying life to the fullest. 

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