Monday, December 17, 2012

Latest data links roundup and gmo feed to food poisoning in humans

The article listed below contains fascinating and concerning information. While it is always wise to be suspicious of health studies.... this makes good common sense and is worth considering.
In a nutshell: studies are finding that the base component in roundup severely alters the ratios of bacterial growth of positive to negative types within the digestive tracks of animals consuming feeds grown with roundup. Gmo crops in particular are guilty of this since the primary reason the use gmo seeds is to allow much heavier applications of the poison roundup. An added affect is that the negative bacteria... pathogenic types, are being bred to leave only the most pathogenic strains, resistant to chemicals of all types including antibiotics. In short, feeding gmo based feed is both intensifying the affect of deadly bacteria as well as causing them to be prolific.
So... even stronger evidence for two things:
1. If you raise birds for food, you desperately need to feed organic nongmo feed. Otherwise you are unknowingly breeding disease causing bacteria and contributing to the further spread of antiobiotic bacteria.
2. If you eat poultry.... make absolutely sure it is raised with non gmo organic feed, and not in a factory.
Here is the link
Roundup Herbicide Linked To Overgrowth of Deadly Bacteria
Fortunately Little Sprouts Farm stocks and sells certified nongmo and organic feeds for poultry in southern Oregon. We are also moving into producing heritage organically raised meat chickens as well as heritage turkey year round.
Stay tuned!

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