Monday, December 31, 2012

Sheep / horse feeder

What can you build from 3 pallets, 2 old plywood pieces, an old fence gate, couple 2x4 pieces and some screws? idea is a combo horse sheep feeder! We needed one that allowed hay to be shared between 3 horses and 24 sheep. The head horse has been a little aggressive with bales of hay. Actually picking up a sheep to move (throw) it out of his way, and we didn't want anyone hurt!
So we designed a sort of combo feeder where sheep feed from the bottom, protected by the hay itself and horses feed from the top. It can hold 3 large bales at once, all accessible on top and bottom. The best thing is... didn't really cost anything but leftover parts and time.
Sorry the pic is not so good... but ,might give you an idea. This is a view from the back.

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